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The group of TORFEH NEGAR companies

....The group of TORFE NEGAR companies started its activity since 1998 in the field of producing financial and accounting softwares and at the present it is recognized as one of the pioneering companies in the country's software industry. The most important goal of TORFE NEGAR is the institutionalization of modern technical tools in the shop businesses and small and medium businesses too

  • Holoo accounting and financial software Peach financial software
  • Spad financial software Financial software SPAD
Holoo accounting and financial software

Holoo accounting and financial software

HOLOO integrated financial softwares (inventory, accounting, buying and selling, check control and production) has professional versions for shops, companies, and factories. These softwares have countless capabilities including: creating different invoices, automatic check reminder, and the possibility of creating various reports and …. Easy usage along with broad facilities has turned Holoo softwares into the most applicable accounting software in the country. This software is offered in one-user and network versions.

Spad financial software

Spad financial software

SPAD softwares with suitable prices and different abilities are responsible for service activities, commercial activities and contracting .Features like customer orientation, continuous upgrade of technical level, compatibility with the level of customer requirements and ability to expansion enable us to do different financial operations. Innovation in accordance with the principles of professional that offers new versions has high compatibility with customers. SPAD professional softwares include accounting, store keeping, treasury, commercial, properties, manufacturing and …. That with new analysis technology and by using of advanced methodology and documentation which has been produced and tested with the most modern tools are now at customers’ disposal.

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Spad financial software
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  • Spad financial software
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