HOLOOBAN Services Development Co.

HOOLOBAN Services Development Company, has been established in 2006 in order to offer customers distinctive services and support to make them more satisfied. HOLOOBAN is one of the subsidiaries of the group of TORFE NEGAR companies and is also one of the largest company in Iran that gives customers online service and support. Providing support services to users of group of softwares in short time as possible and making services intelligent to keep users in all over the country satisfied and giving them calmness and assurance are the main goal and duty of this company.

The most important features of company

Over one decade experience of constant and successful relation with customers in the field of providing support services.
Providing support services to more than 500,000 users of TORFE NEGAR company’s softwares in different guilds and businesses across the country.
1- Providing services by more than 130 skilled software experts to dear users in 5 work shifts.
2- Set up widespread network of service representatives across the country to provide all services related to company’s softwares by experts
3- Setup a port to provide special services (VIP) based on the regulations of ISO 10002 and ISO 10004.
4- Set up call back system to consider carefully the requests of special customers.



Online shop Shop.torfehnegar.ir
Sales counselling +9821 22221142
Phone support +9821 23067