SPAD software designer company is one of the subsidiary companies of TORFEH NEGAR in 1390 which established with the goal of providing professional and special financial softwares. The most important goals and duties of this company consist of: providing software solutions, providing training services, setup and support software solutions, empowering organizations in improvement and optimization of business processes.
The main activity and products of this company have been designed especially in the fields of accounting, treasury, storing, storing based on the number of goods and the value of goods, selling and buying, fixed assets, salary and wage, after-sale services and budget.
Other products we also can mention are in the field of: commercial, manufacturing, related to giving service suitable to all state and private companies and organizations which have professional isolated segments (accounting, selling and buying, store …). These products can be used by one-user and in network and on web teleworking system.
The expansion and distribution network of this company has covered more than 6000 users and 120 active representatives.


وب سایت نرم افزار اسپاد


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