RAHIN BESUN educational institution, one of the companies of TORFEH NEGAR group started its activity in 1998. This company as the organizer of instructive courses in the field of financial, accounting, auditory and comprehensive instruction of HOLOO softwares. This complex by taking advantage of knowledge and experience of experts in different fields like management and financial has registered in its workbook the honor of training a large number of scholars. It is important to mention that in all courses the valid certificate will be awarded to scholars. In addition to holding classes, this institution also provides following courses and services:
Holding private and group courses inside the company and institution
Holding instructive courses for offices, banks and institutions of the country’s higher education
Holding seminar, conger and instructive workshops in business and scientific circles.
Contribution in holding instructive courses in country’s valid universities.
Holding IT courses to know about modern technology.

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