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TORFEH NEGAR at a glance

The group of TORFEH NEGAR companies started its activity since 1998 in the field of producing financial and accounting softwares and at the present it is recognized as one of the pioneering companies in the country’s software industry. The most important goal of TORFEH NEGAR is the institutionalization of modern technical tools in the shop businesses and small and medium businesses too. The group’s outlook is to provide creative and intelligent services to the businesses community and innovation and diversity are considered as the main approaches of the company.
The group Of TORFEH NEGAR companies offers customers a wide range of value-added services:
• comprehensive network of support and technical services of HOLOO software
• custom software development
• export software development
• supply of hardware equipment needed for businesses
• Supply of accounting system in the shops
• web and application development services
• Offering comprehensive organizational solutions, supplementary and practical training in the field of financial, accounting, and organizational.
This company is the only holder of the certificate Golden Award for the support of customers rights in the country’s software industry in the nine continuous years. Also with the contribution of the employees has succeeded in receiving, implementing and continuous improvement of the regulations of the three ISO certificates 9001, 10002 and 10004. Attaining the Top rank for producing software from the Iran’s Informatics supreme council, an statuette award for customers consent, The country’s top entrepreneurs in the year 2009, diamond international certificate for creativity and innovation in the year 2012, GRAYAND STARTUP selected entrepreneurs in the year 2005, WEEKEND STARTUPS selected entrepreneurs in the year 2005 are the successes that have been attained by the group efforts. By having a network of half-million customers and 500 representatives, TORFEH NEGAR is being considered as the largest software family in Iran.
Development, enrichment, job satisfaction, continuous cooperation with human resources, making clear, being responsible, social responsibility and care about environment are the values that are stabilized in TORFEH NEGAR and subsidiary companies.
More than 500 active representatives across the country
More than 100 experts for support services
More than 500 thousand active users of softwares in the country




Covering more than 200 occupational groups in various fields

More than 460 thousand active users of software in the country

More than 100 backup specialist

More than 500 agencies across the country

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