Group Policy

The group of TORFEH NEGAR companies as one of the largest producers of software products and provider of after-sales services for these products in country and also offering training services in order to win great part of internal market and access to global markets has paid attention to activities like increasing promotion in quality level of its products and services and appreciate fundamental and important members of its organization that are actually the very customers and the beneficiary institutions. For this purpose it took actions to set up quality management system including: quality management based on standard ISO 9001: 2008, complaint adjudicating management system based on standard ISO 10002:2004, measurement and management system of customers satisfaction based on standard ISO 10004: 2012 and in order to access these standards, it has considered these principles:
1- Promoting the level of customer’s satisfaction and other beneficiaries
2- Identifying and decreasing the root of customers dissatisfaction and other beneficiaries
3- Development and inner-organization and outer-organization effective interaction
4- Empowering and qualitative and quantitative promotion of human resources as the most important and the most valuable capital.
5- Improvement and promotion of products and services of the groups
6- Development of the package of products and services of the group
7- Identifying and improvement of target markets and increasing of profitability of the group
8- Improvement of functions of group activities with the automation approach The senior manager of the TORFEH NEGAR companies in addition to adherence to above principles and implementing them in the group and commitment to  continuous improvement of quality management system and fulfilling these obligations has planned, controlled and implemented its goals in distinct method and with analyzing information and data makes right decisions and implement them in right time. So this policy has been given all staff, suppliers and beneficiaries and will be implemented by efforts and

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