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Human force of the group of TOEFEH NEGAR companies is composed of over 200 people of scholars of different university majors. TORFEH NEGAR, as one of the companies’ main basis, in going on progress path, has paid special attention to human force. In the group of TORFEH NEGAR companies, attraction, training, keeping and appreciating talented and competent people is continuous effort. Every one of the human forces recognizes himself as a dutiful, honest and responsible member of TORFEH NEGAR family and is proud of this fact


Constant communication between managers and employees in different level of company is one of the achievements that has strengthened foundation of the TORFEH NEGAR family


The company has done a lot of actions in this regard including: aboard and precise job division between companies and different layers and units based on employees capabilities and interests, planned instructions for different layers of organization, use of contribution management system to give motivation to human capitals and different systems of employees welfare. Because of close and friendly atmosphere among employees and also their efforts and labor, every skilled human force who shows his capabilities in different arenas over time and is interested in acquiring knowledge and needed skills can goes up of growth and progress steps and achieve his deserved position. With the help of Gods favors, we try to provide the progress path to colleagues who have come to TORFEH NEGAR to make it and remain in it. Because our family is a professional family that all eagerly have obsession to develop the work capacities of themselves and others. And all, coordinated, consistent and friendly, make the progress and growth path for themselves and other colleagues that are tied to organizations. This progress path is so exciting and joyful that is the greatest reason for colleagues’ satisfaction and feeling of honor to TORFEH NEGAR family.


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